Tuesday, April 7, 2009

About MEKKI Chroming System!

This is version III of MEKKI Chrome Plating, the latest version. In time we improved and simplified our first versions and now we can say, without any exageration, that this the best one. The version that can give you the "silver mirror reaction", in other words your chrome plated object will have a beautiful mirror look.
The target for MEKKI utilites is not only autovehicle sector. Depending on your idea and imagination the departments in which you can use MEKKI are infinite, considering that you can chrome anything, even glass, wood, plastic,iron, metals,etc and large surfaces.
One of the unique things about MEKKI is our 3 air distributors gun and the use of Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) which helps in obtaining a depth radiance and is not bad for health or environment. With MEKKI Chrome Plating you have high quality at low costs.
With MEKKI Chrome Plating you can chrome anything: glass, wood, ceramics, rock, iron, metal, plastic,etc, and in any color you wish by applying a color topcoat over you chromed surface(gold,red,green,blue and all it`s derived as pink,orange,etc).Please take a look at our color sample section.
An ecological system which is not using toxic material and will not harm the person who is using it or the environment, unlike the old chrome plating systems and techniques. The membrane`s composition is 99,9% Silver Nitrate (AgNO3). The internal reflection rate it is visible by human eye and even by infra-red.


  1. I want Mekki chrome but I am in the USA. How can I get it?

  2. Good afternoon friend
    My name is George Gutenberg, with gold and silver work, and am interested in investing news, I live in Brazil, I saw your product and I was very interested in opening an office here in my country to represent their product in Latin America. If there is interest on your part, please contact