Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why you should try MEKKI Chrome??

Easy process!!
-Very simple to apply, special water-based spray.
Any color chrome!!
-Our system it is available in all colors(glod, silver, bronze, brass, red. green, blue, violet, pink, brown, orange,etc.)
Any surface!!
-You can apply on any material: wood, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, polystyrene, cement, metal, plastic, iron, etc.
Large surfaces!!
-Not only that you can chrome anything, but now you can chrome large surfaces too. For example your car 100% chrome!!!
Applicable sectors:
-automobile and bike(parts and accessories), motor sport, decoration, leisure, hobby, signs, advertising, etc.
-Unlike the highly toxic old plating technique, the new MEKKI Chrome Plating has no enviromental bad influence. It won`t harm the person who uses it or the environment.

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  1. me gusta la forma de cromado en especial grandes superficies como puedo comprar los productos en ecuador y el costo de cada unidad si pueden por fabor envieme mas informacion..... a mi correo enrique_zona8@hotmail.com