Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The system`s price!!

MEKKI Junior Price:
MEKKI Junior equipment set:
Single gun: 3 pices
Triple gun: 1 pice
Original rack

Air hose set

Subtotal: 8.839$ (866.150¥)

Set of consumables:
Actuator: 5L Pack 171$ (16.800¥)
AG I: 5L Pack 204$ (20.000¥)
AG II: 5Lx2 Pack 407$ (39.900¥)
AG III: 5L Pack 204$ (20.000¥)
Rinse 5L Pack 107$ (10.500¥)
Pure water: 10LX2 pack 37$ ( 3.675¥)
Base undercoat: 2 Kg
Hardener undercoat: 1 Kg 215$ (21.000¥)
Exclusive diluent: 1L
Topcoat with pigments: 2 Kg 160$ (15.750¥)

Subtotal: 1.505$ (147.525¥)
TOTAL (Equipment set + Set of consumables): 10.344$ (1.013.775¥)

NOTE: The prices are in U.S. dollars and Japanese yen, at the moment of puchase the U.S. dollars prices may vary, depending on currency exchange rate at the purchase time.

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